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Meet the Owner

Jeffrey Kelson: I started this company in 1985. It was started due to the fact that I had ordered some products and really didn’t like the quality of the merchandise I received. It was then I started to build products for my own trucks and as it turned out I started getting requests for the products I had on my trucks and the things I had done to my trucks.

Jeffrey Kelson

We also have a Non-Destructive testing company which is our main profession. Industrial Testing Inc., This company provides Non Destructive Testing services for the Pulp and Paper Industry, Marine industries, manufacture and repair industries. I have worked all around the United States and Canada performing these services. Periodically I receive calls from customers that are located in the areas I have worked. It is nice to chat with people that know the areas I have visited and it seems to make them more comfortable that I know their areas as well. So if you need some testing services give me a call. I have been to paper mills from Maine to California, Florida to Washington and everywhere in between.

We have done well with these two businesses and they have provided my family and friends with a lot of opportunities. I try to make things fun for all who are around either here or when we are out on the road performing out testing service or when we are at shows or events demonstrating our products. If ya see us out there stop by and say hey!

Jeffrey Kelson and son Cody

Things we like to do obviously include wheeling our rigs, however, we've got quads, love the dunes!!!, bikes, guns, boats, hot rods and now drift cars, and race karts. I would like to thank everyone that has helped us along the way to get to where we are now. We could not have done this without the support of our friends and family and that includes our customers.

The bottom line is doing the best you can with what you got. Be the best you can in everything you do and finally do what you can to make people happy. Life is to short not to. 

Thank You!