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Special Requests

Special Bumper Image


A, As you can see by this picture we offer some options that will work with all of our bumpers. Of course, this is just a few, but remember we are the only ones offering options for our Toyota products that are available online. Personalization of your bumper is a great concept right. You can mix and match or add even more of your own ideas.

B, We can add these tabs at any location, top, bottom, sides, or on any of our products to mount lights, antennas, equipment mounts etc. $30.00 a pair

C, Sheet metal inserts in the openings of our bumpers. We offer d-plate or smooth plate starting at $75.00 and up depending on how much you want to be covered and what size bumper you want.

D, Jared bars, These are the lower bars you see under the main tubes. These offer protection for your turn signal lights on some models and for protection on off-road lights mounted below the main tubes. We offer these full from 6” off the center plat to full width as you see in this picture. These are an additional $75.00 installed on the set.

E, Towbar mounts, we can provide mounts for your tow bar setup or we can fabricate a tow bar and mount it to your bumper for your specific needs, Please call for prices and more information on these.

F and G, 2” Receiver mounts end surround for added strength to keep these from cracking at the corners under load. We can mount these anywhere on the bumper. As you can see from the pictures these two variations are mounted below fairlead mount so you can still utilize the bumpers winch mount. Or you can have it mounted in the fairlead mount plate. It is up to your needs. These options are $50.00 for either of these locations.

H, Multiple tube bumpers. With this option, you can have us add main tubes to further personalize your bumpers. Up to triple tube, bumpers can still mount a winch depending on the application. These additions add $100.00 per tube due to the extra material costs and work.

I, Body lift applications? Yes, we can! That is the answer you will get when you ask if we can build these for body lifted vehicles. And yes we are the only ones that offer these online. We don’t give you weak brackets like the other guys to lift their products. Ours are designed and built for the specific height of the body lift so you know they will be as strong as our standard bumpers. We modify both front and rear bumpers for these applications. Cost for these custom modifications is $75.00 for the rears and $100.00 for the fronts.

J, Stingers? Yes!, We also offer options on the Stingers. We can offer rounded stingers and the rectangle stingers as you see on our standard bumpers. The difference really depends on your needs. We can manipulate these in any way you may like. We offer the choice of the rounded or rectangular stingers at no extra charge. If you have a design of your own, there could be an additional charge, but we can talk about that at any time. Remember light diameter selection will be limited with the rounded stinger as it affords less room between the bars. Our standard stingers offer the option of mounting two lights up to 9” in diameter.